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A. 1:1 Coaching Offer for  Mid Life Women 
April Reduced to 111 USD Dollars
60 Minute Session Online
Zoom or  Teams
*All payments are via  


B. 1:1 Coaching for Neurodiverse   40+ Female   Entrepreneurs
Activate and  Upgrade your Presence  on Video
3 sessions -£600/752 US Dollars
6  sessions -   £1,200/1,504 Dollars
*All payments are via  
C. For additonaly upcoming classes & workshops
 please email for further info 
    Offer A: 1:1 Coaching....
        Is this YOU? Are you...
  • At a fork in the road

  • Perhaps you’re at a significant turning point in your life - redundancy, retirement, unemployment, empty nest syndrome, bereavement, or recovering from a chronic illness. 

  • Or none of those things.


      Transformative outcomes

  • Clarity about your next step

  • Increased confidence in yourself

  • More joy and peace

  • Magnetism  -When you honour your desires more fully, you will naturally become a lighthouse to others - they will find you just because of the frequency you omit to the world!

  • More compassion and understanding for self 

    Email me via to discuss or book              your session. Pre  Evaluation Form to Complete  before the session

*All payments are via  

     Offer B: 1:1 Coaching

   40+ Female Online Biz Owners

   Authentic Communication & Presence

   on Camera - so that you can attract your ideal             client/customer

  • Unleash your most dynamic, powerful and gloriously interesting                                 self to authentically connect with your ideal audience. 

  • Enhance on-camera charisma. 

  • Identify and clear the internal obstacles blocking you from fully expressing yourself.

  • Travel from performance anxiety, perfectionism and overwhelm to ease, joy, and spontaneity.  Life is messy  - so time on video can be also - let's embrace it - your ideal clients are waiting for you to BE you out loud where they can find you. 

  • Navigate through normative ideas about what to say or do on camera and learn how to deeply trust in your way again. 

     Transformative outcomes

  • It's your time to shine!

  • lluminate  yourself on camera so that it becomes a place of safety, joy, exploration and meaning.

  • Help your ideal clients see, know and feel your personality, your values and differentiate yourself from the crowd by being willing to be YOU.

  • Whether you're a coach, a healer, a marketing guru, or you're selling a physical product, experience more spacious, freedom and creativity on camera. 

  • Leaving you empowered to make an even richer, deeper and more profound impact in the world.  

  • Email me via to discuss.

  • Go straight to calendly to book your discovery call. Copy and paste the link:-

  • *All payments are via  

Apologies folks, this website isn't
very up to date - it's not my forte!


Nervous  System Protocols through Movement         Nourish   the  Mind, Body & Soul                                 

FAQ on this unique practice, here.   
Blog post explaining a little more about
this unique beautiful practice here. ​                                               

 1: 1 Creativity Coaching     
            Reach out for more details   via email                                                                         whatsap:   +44 7947 448 434​                                              
               Dream Space for Mid Life Women                                              Monthly Workshops                                 
    Restore, Revive & Activate Your Dreams                                              
Pls email to join waitlist for more info​
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