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Radiant  Spotlight Sessions
for Neurodiverse, 50+ Female  Entrepenuers

1:1 Coaching
Activate and  Upgrade your Presence  on Video
Package of 6 or 12 sessions. 

  • Unleash your most dynamic, powerful and gloriously interesting                                        self to authentically connect with your ideal audience. 

  • Enhance on-camera charisma. 

  • Identify and clear the internal obstacles blocking you from fully expressing yourself.

  • Travel from performance anxiety, perfectionism and overwhelm to ease, joy, and spontaneity.  Life is messy. so time on video can be also - let's embrace it - your 

       ideal clients are waiting for you to BE you outloud where they can find you. 

  • Navigate through normative ideas about what to say or do on camera and learn

       how to deeply trusting your way again. 

     Transformative outcomes

  • It's your time to shine!

  • lluminate  yourself on camera so that it becomes a place of safety, joy, exploration and meaning.

  • Help your ideal clients see, know and feel your personality, your values and differentiate yourself from the crowd by being willing to be YOU.

  • Whether you're a coach, a healer, a marketing guru, or you're selling a physical product, experience more spacious, freedom and creativity on camera. 

  • Leaving you empowered to make an even richer, deeper and more profound impact in the world.  

  • Email me via to discuss.

  • Go straight to calendly to book your discovery call. Copy and paste the link:-

Nourishing Movement & Nervous  System Protocols
for Mind, Body & Soul.
Deescalate + Destress + Recalibrate.
More Resiliency. Empowered Bounce Back.
An Upgraded Version of You.   
  • Stress and emotional regulation body-based technique to help balance                           the nervous system.
  • For women aged 50 and above.
  • Weekly classes held on Zoom.
     Helps with….
  • Sensory Overload. Scattered Thinking. Disconnection from Body. Stuck Emotion.
  • Decision Paralysis. Weak personal Boundaries. 
  • Burn out. Difficulty Sleeping. Struggle with Self Care. 
  • Disconnect from your Intuition and Wisdom.  
  • Helps regulate the nervous system and deepen your connection with your intuition,   your body based boundaries and self and increase your sensitivity towards your internal reality of thought, feeling and sensation.
Image by Annie Spratt

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 Maya Angelou

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