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Image by Annie Spratt

 Hi, My name is Leila (pronounced Layla) and I am the creator of  Movement into Life. I’m a certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a former actress, a kitchen dancer and I am currently writing my first one woman show. 

“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”

 Maya Angelou

For somatic explorers and sensitive, successful people who want to feel more alive and connected to their internal world of thoughts, feelings and sensations...


My work is devoted to giving extraordinary, successful and kind hearted souls like YOU the space to unwind from your daily stresses and increase your connection with the wisdom that resides within your body...


All of which will help you to become more sensitised to your internal world of feelings and sensations so that you can experience more joy, pleasure, self-compassion as well as to help live a more authentic, intuitive and vibrant life...A life that you get to choose for yourself, not designed by a committee of ''Everybody Else''. 


This work helps strengthen your boundaries, shift inertia and brings clarity to your world where talking things through with friends or therapy may have some benefits, but fail to address the changes that need to occur in your physiology in order for you to better hear, trust & know what it is you really desire for yourself.   

Leaves Shadow

Experience more pleasure.  

Access your intuitive wisdom.

Release old programming.

Connect in with the fullness of who you are. 

Create more money, experience more connection, laughter, influence and wild, outrageous impact in the world.

I offer somatic movement classes that amp up your intuitive, creative juices,  releases old patterns and nurtures self love. 

My approach comes with a strong dose of INNER WORK

(befriending your shadow.)

This work is gentle and non invasive.

You get to work at your pace & execute discernment all of the time.

Whether you're anxious or tired, burnt out, or burning bright,

come join me on your mat and get more comfortable in your skin.

Image by Annie Spratt

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