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New Offerings - Are you interested? More laughter, delight & power

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hi loves,

I'm finding I need to slow down and hear/sense/feel myself a lot at the moment and not spend time online, howz about you?....

I'm also taking some time out of online interactions to better understand how to thrive in an online business. Organic social media market might be the thing to do, but I can tell you for a fact that is a process that is so slow as to make one realise organic marketing is most definitetly not for everybody.

So folks, I'm still here and holding my hands up to say I am looking at how best to market and be true to my own needs in the process. Right now it feels like more than I can manage and that's just the truth. But I have other possibilities brewing and support popping up, so we shall see.

The classes are in my opinion of immense value. Feedback is consistently mind blowing.

That said, marketing, I think I can hold my hands up and admit, it's not ''my thing''.

Such is life.

We learn and course correct and pray in earnest for more ease and solutions to emerge. (No advice please - I am seeking council.)

All this is by way of saying ''sorry'' I'm not on here much and if you are someone on my email list, acknowledging as to why you might find you get a paragraph which repeats about classes for the next month or two.

It’s absolutely not a reflection of the work itself because it continues to be incredibly rich and beautiful and I adore and appreciate time spent with you all.

With all this said, this is to remind you of upcoming classes and to perhaps share new possibilities if you've not caught me on instagram or my personal page, do scroll below and message me with any queries or to go ahead and book.

Wednesday's Movement Envisioning Classes

Location: Zoom

Time: 7-8.15pm UK time.

£20 via paypal (sign in as a guest if you need to and change currency if you're based outside of the UK)

50% off if you bring a friend

Pay what you can if unemployed, students, NHS.

£90 for 5 classes upfront

I am excited to find out what magik we conjure up the this week! Do let me know by the end of today if you intend to join!



If I get enough interest there will be an extra session at the end of the month focusing on Pleasure, Love, Joy....As such there are no takers yet, so one last reminder on this.

(If this is the first time you're hearing about this though, my apologies.)

It follows the same format as usual classes with a little more time to journal and share before we get stuck into exploring pleasure, joy, experiencing more compassion and love for ourselves. If you are someone who is always beating yourself up, or you are always aspiring to more but never take time to enjoy yourself and relax into your achievements, if you have body image challenges (don't we all?) then this would be a really lovely addition to the usual Movement Envisioning Classes.

If you're interested, pls do ping me an email. I’d love to hear from you!


LIMITLESS POWER - Movement Song for Women


This I am especially keen to offer up and find the right brilliant women who want to turn up their own self confidence and capacity to be heard.

The work will be a combination of embodiment work (Movement Envisioning Class) as well as what I describe as experiential, practice labs.

As part of this experience there are opportunities to train with other students and practice the exercises that I will have introduced so that you can become acclimited to the experience of genuinally feeling heard and appreciated.

“This devaluing of listening is handed down from generation to generation. There are many children who don’t have the experience of being listened to by their parents. If we’re not listened to, then that doesn’t create a desire inside us to listen to others. Societally, we don’t value it. As parents, we tend to be in Tell rather than Listen mode.”

Julian Treasure.

As an extension of the theme of needing to feel heard, validated and respected - women are so often valued and rewarded for our likeability and warmth but not for our competency or the emotional palette we often experience. As mothers and daughters and sisters, we are also appreciated largely for our capacity to serve other people's visions. This isn't of itself an inherently bad thing. But it is if we never truly acknowledge the truth of what we really desire, it is. In these moments we need to recognise ourselves as the CEO and to expect and enjoy being supported in our personal need and vision.

Ever been that woman who swallows your own desires because you don't want to be perceived as greedy or superficial? Ever been that person who believes they don't deserve to be wined and dined because it isn't linked with being a supportive partner, spouse or mother - so you opt for being accommodating to other's preferences instead?

These are some of the small ways we argue ourselves out of wanting to be better treated and to enjoy more of life on our own terms.

All of that is conditioning, so it's not our fault and I'm not blaming men for this - we are all at the effects of unhealthy conditioning whichever sex we are.

The people who love us, truly, want to offer us more support and pleasurable things. They want us to feel cherished and valued. They want to know what our love language is and to honour it. But not if we aren't willing to communicate it.

Again, this isn't to say there is anything wrong with supporting our loved one's or our colleagues at work. It is invaluable in fact. But if we feel unappreciated and unheard in the process then this is problematic and if we are constantly giving up things that would just as easily be given to us, this too, is a problem that will only increase and lead to resentent further down the line.

So my question for you is when you speak do you trust that you will be heard? When you speak do you trust that what you are sharing is of value?

Do you trust yourself?

This workshop/container will help heal the wounds of feeling it's not safe to be yourself and that it's not safe to speak up about something you are passionate about - a raise, your needs, a passion project, a cause, better intimacy, or even allowing yourself to experience feeling treated.

This unique learning experience will help move you towards a version of yourself where you can trust in your own words, trust in your own unique perspective and unique vision and still be able to tap into your emotions and be the supportive friend or life partner when you want to.

This will be a half day experience to begin with. But if there is enough interest.

I will run this as a regular monthly event. (And if not now, then I am certain this is something I will run more regularly in the future.)

We shall alchemise any past grievances or hurts into EXTRAORDINARY UNREASONABLE ASKS through embodied play.

We shall ask for things (even if only silently to begin with) that we have previously judged or had judged as fickle, selfish, greedy, unkind, uncaring, trivial, needy, too superficial, too damn much.

We will play at the edge of our unreasonable requests to discover what is truthful and honest and important to us.

We will also gather together after the workshop to talk, eat and connect for an hour or two afterwards, though of course for the introverted or hypersensitive amongst us, you are welcome to claim a hug if you desire it and fly out into the day instead.

Again, if this speaks to your heart or your needs right now, I would be honoured to share the space with you - do just let me know. Dates to be confirmed.

I am not doing a marketing ‘’push’’ on this, word of mouth only. So if it’s likely to resonate with anyone you know, do feel free to share.

Workshops will be £70 UK stirling since it is new . Low cost is available for those on low income providing I have enough participants paying in full.....

For more info pls contact me via

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