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When The Small Stuff Feels Too Much

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Maybe you’re one of those people who’ve got their shit together. You’re a successful, high functioning person in the world. Wonderful, this is good. The world needs you to do your thing.

But maybe, maybe you have some other struggles as well…because being human, we all do.

Some other challenges that lie beneath the surface of your successes and achievements.

Perhaps you find it hard to follow the next step you know with absolutely certainty is right for you and you're not sure why it's so hard, just that it is.

Maybe you’re easily dysregulated by any change in your life. Good news or bad news tends to throw you off balance.

Maybe you (secretly) struggle with self care, you forget to do the dishes, to mop the floor, to fold your clothes.

Or perhaps it’s hard to focus, to remember things, to get to appointments on time, to complete mundane, but absolutely necessary tasks.

Or sometimes for some of you it’s difficult to remember when to eat, or what to eat, or when to sleep, or even what to do when you get cold.

Maybe mundane tasks are really very hard to get done - you just can’t make them into a priority no matter what. It doesn't seem to come naturally to you.

But on the surface of things - you're doing alright, you're doing pretty well. You've ''got your shit'' together, you've pockets of success and things you've overcome and are proud of in your life. Absolutely.

You just don't seem to have enough time for YOURSELF...

To notice what it is you really want for yourself.

You don't have time to figure out why it is so hard to organise your everyday life.

Or why it's so hard to take the next step that you absolutely know is right for you - but nobody else arounds you can support you on. You know you need to make the change, you just feel stuck and have their voices inside your head.

Whatever your specific flavour of challenge is - large or small - I just want to say - that it’s ok, I get it. It's alright. It really is.

I’m not here to suggest that you're a train wreck because of these things.

Or that you're broken because managing the rest of your life is a little harder for you sometimes.

Because none of that is true. You're absolutely not broken!

Nor am here to tell you to ground, or change your diet, or meditate because then your whole life will be easy and perfect and all of these patterns will dissolve over night.

Let's be honest you’ve been you, with all of these colourful aspects of your character for a very, very long time. (And some stuff my dear’s may not entirely change or go away.) And you've done pretty well at life, haven't you? With all of these challenges nipping at your ankles. It takes time to unwind our conditioning honestly.

So no, I won’t be wagging my finger at you in disapproval dear one’s because of your life style. Nope. Not me. Because in many ways, I'm just like you. These words reflect the ''funny'' challenges I sometimes face.

My community, my clients, my friends, are not aiming for perfection.

In fact if you resonate with me then you’re kinda done with striving and the hard hustle. You've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, right?

You're here because you need space to slow down and tune in and become more intimate with yourserlf.

You’re not looking for an instant fix, even though everybody is selling them nowadays.

You're not looking for a guru.

You're just looking for ways to be kinder to yourself, to develop a practice of tuning into your internal world of thoughts and feelings and to release some of the daily stress before it gets the better of you again.

You want quite simply to be more present with yourself - all of yourself.

Half of the time our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are saying completely different things from one another. But these simply intuitive practices will help to...

Reset your nervous system

Deescalate stress

Rediscover or wake up lost or fragmented parts of yourself

Enable you to become more sensitively tuned in to your own body

Increase your capacity to experience pleasure and safety in your body

Understand and hear your own innate wisdom

This isn't a perfect, linear process. There is no competition. No spiritual awards to be won.

What we aim for here is gentle, incremental change.

We know that miracles can and do happen, every day.

But we don't bank on them.

We use the space, the work, our practices to ''Love Up On Ourselves''.

If you would love a compassionate, well held space, where you can reconnect with your internal world and hear yourself, feel yourself and shake up some patterns as you do - check out my Offers page for more.

My Movement Envisioning practice will help you unwind those habitual knots in the body and in your mind. Unfreeze and unwind the knots.

Whether you already thrive at work or at home, or have a sink full of dirty dishes, whether you have more ‘’failure’’, heartbreak and disappointment than hot dinners - whilst on the surface looking ‘’A-OK’’...

Or whether your life is really going very well right now, but you're an explorer and you simply want to open up to more pleasure and to become more sensitive to your body, emotions and sensations....

You are all are welcome here.

Leila X

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