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Presence & Power for Women - 5 Extraordinary Women needed

Hi all,

I'm someone who has been incredibly socially awkward in the past and still can be on occasion - that shy person who stumbles on words lives on.

Add to that a perimenopausal brain and an awful lot of time spent living alone and not in an office (where honestly people didn't converse a great deal anyway) then it is true that I can sometimes forget words altogether.

In spite of all those things though I am also a powerful communicator - I'm generally well liked, have access to a wickedly silly sense of humour, can be both playful, vulnerable, clear (when I need to be) and in this sense am confident and powerful.

All these aspects of ourselves get to be true at the same time.

Do you get completely overwhelmed when somebody encroaches on your boundaries?

Do friends routinely talk at you, but never listen?

Do you go into judgement and freeze or get especially prickly when you're in situations where you don't know people?

Do you give instructions to people but you lack warmth and care in your delivery?

Are you well liked, but not respected?

Are you respected, but not well liked?

Do friends accuse you of not listening to them or asking about their interests and life?

Do you long to be able to be better heard, considered more powerful, confident and magnetic?


Rapport, trust building and influence is not innate. We can learn these things and deliver them in our own unique fashion.

Trusting that people will hear you, be open to you, listen, like you, trust you - consists of a million small moments of verb

al and non verbal communication. It doesn't just happen.

If you're not good at reading non verbal cues and you’re used to being listened to, but not listening…then you too will struggle with building and sustaining trust and connection with your colleagues and your friends.

Many of us have never felt well listened to or well understand and all of this is bad for everybody honestly.

Everybody wants to be heard - but who wants to listen?

If you've ever secretly wanted to yield m

ore power, influence and respect in your own world…

To be both well liked and respected, then this workshop is for you.

If conversely, you are aware that people do not feel safe or valued around you. That you need to relearn your listening and speaking habits, then this workshop is for you also.

It's 3 ho

urs, with an additional workshop for free online if there is feedback that we have more ground to cover (and it is likely that we will.)

I get you on your feet practicising all these skills in pairs with my guidance.

I teach non verbal communication - awareness of your own body in space.

Active conscious states of listening.

Where to place your focus when you want to be heard - so that you can stop giving your power away and getting too lost in your own internal experience. This is the most powerful and simple tool that requires practice.

How to increase warmth and likeability if you’re top heavy in logic and are more comfortable giving directions and instructions, than creating warmth, safety and connection with others. .

How to increase other people's perception of you as powerful and magnetic regardless of your life circumstances (rich or broke, depressed or happy.)

I've had what feels to be a lifetime of frequently not feeling well heard and understood and what I’ve come to realise is that loneliness, disconnection and not feeling well heard is systemic, it is deeply embedded into the ways in which society functions nowadays.

Loneliness, lack of connection is something of an epidemic. And even if that isn’t your experience right now, my sense is that very few people feel well listened to and that's a problem.

This workshop is going to help heal some of those core wounds and this will change how you move through life as a result, as well as give you more self confidence and tools that you can use when you need them the most.

I've also learnt through acting classes, as well as time spent on Reception about the value of being able to spark up conversation when needed, flash on a smile and use the non verbal cues and verbal communication to make sure people feel included, safe and well understood.

Acting classes in particular have shown me how to hold space and guarantee that my words land powerfully, truthfully.

All of these states of being and how we are received by others consist of small clusters of behavior.

Everyday habits that we must use to create not only the right outward impression, but also a shift in how we see ourselves and connect with others.

If you are prone to introversion, or being swamped by strong feelings (me too) these are absolutely wonderful qualities - but if you want to be better heard, understood and respected - then we also need to learn how to read and utlise both verbal and nonverbal cues to support our communication every day and for those occasions when we might usually freeze or get overwhelmed.

So my friends doors are closing this Friday. One 3 hr workshop with me in person in London..70 pounds UK Stirling. There will be an additional class for free added online if the feedback is there is more to learn and practice, I’m here for you.

Pls DM to book your place and to discuss dates/availability.

If you would like to join my Wednesday class, please book (details here) and be sure to message me asap so I know you are attending.

Wednesday's Movement Envisioning Class

Time: 7-8.15pm

Location: Zoom

To book and more details, go here.

I have some absolutely wonderful testimonials also, please do peruse them also if you would like.

If you are interested in one to one work, exploring your range as a woman and helping to improve your communication skills - do just reach out.

Leila x

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