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Image by Annie Spratt

A deeper dive. 

Is this you? - Does this resonate?

Are you a sensitive person and a little rebellious in your nature? Do you find it hard to do as you are told even if you feel compelled to - if so, me too. You're in the right space.

You're an independent thinker, a leader not a follower.

Are you often told that you feel too much or think too much?

Who I Work With

I typically collaborate with women aged 50 and beyond, falling into one of these four categories…

  • Women who recognise themselves as experiencing some of the behaviors, challenges and gifts of being neurodivergent, whether they have an official diagnosis or not.  

  • Female 50+ Solo Entrepreneurs & Team Leaders who recognise that their business can only grow and sustain if they look after themselves better, can understand and regulate their stress and emotions better. 

  • Bright brilliant women who have a propensity to experience sensory overload, burn out, decision paralysis or/and scattered thinking. 

  • Female Coaches & Therapeutic Practitioners who need more support for themselves with an integrative approach to health & well being, interested in integrating new tools into their life. 

You get to be you. We get to appreciate your you-ness.

Yep, if you are tired of discounting your own wisdom, and experiences because of the assumption that "teacher knows best about all things" then you're in the right place, welcome.

Here at Movement into Life you get the chance to slow down and be guided into simple, powerful somatic practices so that you can actually truly, hear yourself…

And build a habit of deeper connection and listening, gently, over time…

It's not a do it once and everything's sorted kind of practice. It's one that supports and enriches you incrementally and of course, it's not the only way to thrive, heal or destress, it's one of a trillion things we can do. But this is what I'm offering.

And even if your life feels uncertain sometimes  - we enter this space as fundamentally loveable and perfect but messy humans with respect for one another. There's no perfection to be had, just opening up to more aliveness, spaciousness and freedom from our programming.

But even with all of that, bad days are likely, going to come...Because life will always have some challenges and suffering woven into it. And of course, it doesn't mean we can't do more to improve things - that's why we're all here!

Also if you're…

Feeling anxious? I’ve got you. I get it.

Feeling numb? I get that too.

Difficulty sleeping? I know.

Can’t concentrate? Yup. (Me too.)

What about bitter, hurt, disappointed? I understand.

Whatever you’re feeling, regardless of cynicism. or disappointment from past life is your time to shine and now is your time to make sure your needs are better met. 

My invitation to you is to join me in one of three ways. 

1. Either weekly classes to journey more deeply into yourself with embodiment classes


2. 1: 1 Coaching to Expand Your Sense of Joy, Play and Meaningful Connection           with your Deepest Intuition.

3. Or, if you're a neurodivergent entrepeneur and you're done with being told what to do on camera and want an advocate for you to find YOUR WAY to show up and shine.  

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt
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