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Image by Annie Spratt

A deeper dive. 

Is this you? - Does this resonate?

Are you a sensitive person and a little rebellious in your nature? Do you find it hard to do as you are told even if you feel compelled to - if so, me too. You're in the right space.


You're an independent thinker, a leader not a follower.


Are you often told that you feel too much or think too much?


Have you tried ‘’all the things’’ to manage stress or triggers and are you exhausted by the idea that there is a quick fix, a perfect formula, that works for everyone and every person and situation? And are you bored or frustrated by the idea that the solution always comes from someone else or something outside of you. Each new practitioner or therapist or teacher holds the information, the secret, the knowledge to help support you, right?


That may even be why you're here, out of fear of missing out on the next best thing. And of course we all sometimes benefit and need support, advice and wisdom from outside of ourselves. But not by suggesting you are somehow less than whole to have the challenges that you have in the first place. No teacher or modality holds all the answers because life is unbelievably complex and therefore, so are you. 

If you"re uncomfortable with those models of teaching and types of teachers/gurus and communities, then let me reassure you that we're not about following slavishly along here, we're done with all of that.

You get to be you. We get to appreciate your you-ness.

Yep, if you are tired of discounting your own wisdom, and experiences because of the assumption that "teacher knows best about all things" then you're in the right place my friend, welcome.

Here at Movement into Life you get the chance to slow down and be guided into simple, powerful somatic practices so that you can actually truly, hear yourself…

And build a habit of deeper connection and listening, gently, over time…

It's not a do it once and everything's sorted kind of practice. It's one that supports and enriches you incrementally and of course, it's not the only way to thrive, heal or destress, it's one of a trillion things we can do. But this is what I'm offering.

And even if your life feels uncertain sometimes  - we enter this space as fundamentally loveable and perfect but messy humans with respect for one another. There's no perfection to be had, just opening up to more aliveness, spaciousness and freedom from our programming.


But even with all of that, bad days are likely, going to come...Because life will always have some challenges and suffering woven into it. And of course, it doesn't mean we can't do more to improve things - that's why we're all here!

Also if you're…

Feeling anxious? I’ve got you. I get it.

Feeling numb? I get that too.

Difficulty sleeping? I know.

Can’t concentrate? Yup. (Me too.)

What about bitter, hurt, disappointed? I understand. Life can be like that sometimes. (Sometimes optimism is hard to conjure up. That's ok. Just showing up for life itself is an act of faith sometimes.)

And some of you may feel overwhelm paralysis. Yes, that’s a thing.  We freeze. We stop. There's too much chaos internally and too many parts externally. So it triggers overwhelm and inaction. I see you, I get it.

We're still not broken. You're not f.cked up. (Yes, sometimes I swear!)

Whatever you’re feeling -  these classes meet you, where you’re at - gently, ease-fully, welcoming all parts of you to the table.


My invitation to you is to join me in weekly classes to journey more deeply into yourself.

Image by Annie Spratt

Using simple but profound somatic and creative movement tools, to help unfreeze the body (and mind) and connect more intimately with your internal world.

This isn’t about those kind of self improvement practices where you just keep shifting the goalposts every day and convince yourself that  you will finally like yourself once you’ve… reached a certain weight, once your success is obvious, once you’re as zen as the buddha himself…

No, no. We like and sometimes even LOVE, adore, embrace our flaws around these parts. They make us who we are.

And if you're a recovering perfectionist, well that's ok,  bring he or she with along as well.

You don't need to deny or shove any of these parts into a dark place, hidden from sight.

Here at Movement into Life we get to access some deliciously simple but profound ways of unwinding from the build up of stress and habitual patterns so that you can feel more of yourself again. (And I know for some of you, this may be a new experience altogether - to be intimate with your internal landscape of thoughts, needs, feelings and sensations.)

Movement into Life is nothing to do with goals or expectations, though of course we want you to live your juiciest life as well and ironically this practice will likely bring with it more pleasure and a richer, more intuitive life. You'll let go of old habits, bad friends, partners and work. And create or draw to you more of what's meant for you and resonates with who you are. So yes, of course, change will emerge, but naturally, organically, without the same level of worry and attempt to over control that we often see people attacking their goals and desires with. The work itself helps anchor more trust in your own choices, your thoughts and your feelings - over time. Again, this is a process, not a quick fix. 

But the emphasis is on exploration, discovery, connection and being true to yourself in a less than perfect world.

What might that show up as?

Intimacy and connection - with yourself.

A deeper conversation with yourself.


Honesty. Courage. Compassion.


Laughter, pleasure in your body too.


Finding safe spaces of trust inside of you.


Knowing yourself and being better able to enjoy the journey.


Movement into Life is here to support people who long for a safe space to unfurl, connect, feel and hear yourself more fully - your body, your needs, your emotions, your internal landscape - without feeling that a coach, healer, therapist is going to push you into any concept of ‘’perfect’’, or of needing to be done and sorted yet.


Many of us are leaders in our own way, at home or at work. Whether we use these words or not, we’re originals, trailblazers, doing things differently from our families and the crowd. We're creating unusual careers, or standing out in a crowd, we're here to do life as honestly and authentically as we can. We aren't sheep.;) We do not follow. We learn, yes. We're curious, sure, thing. We’re heart orientated and humble too. But we’re also focused on getting the absolute best out of lives and our decisions and we know that getting to know ourselves better and looking after ourselves is one mighty step towards creating more of what we desire in the world. More ease, less strain. More kindness, less cruelty. More productivity, less burn out.

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