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Image by Annie Spratt

About Me


I am a teacher and facilitator of The Non-Linear Movement Method® which is a powerful somatic practice developed by world renowned embodiment teacher and intimacy coach Michaela Boehm, and designed by Steve James, aka Guru Viking.


I first learnt to be more present with my body and discovered the transformational power of  the body, emotion and my imagination when I studied acting at the Drama Studio London.


I later trained in Dance Movement Therapy from Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey and explored how movement and play could heal. 

I have extensive training in performance, studying Meisner (with the Salon Collective) to physical theatre and mask work with Lorna Marshal, John Mowatt, Beatrice Allegranti and more.

In the last 10 years I have trained in multiple approaches to energetic and somatic work from EFT, Body Talk, Reiki, Reflective Repatterning, Laughter Yoga, Access Consciousness Bars and Soul Plan Reading. 

I bring all of these flavours of my past with me to my work with you.

I am passionate about helping women to stand up boldly for their own life and choices.

  • An opportunity to unwind from stress and unfreeze the body. 

  • Let go of old programming such as thoughts & beliefs that get stuck on a loop.

  • Release your people pleasing habits and weak boundaries.

  • Strengthen your capacity to trust in yourself. 

  • Step into a new, more confident and self assured version of yourself.

  • Move forwards whilst remaining in touch with your deeper needs and emotions. 

  • Improve your capacity to advocate for yourself by recognising what's most alive and meaningful to you. 

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