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Image by Annie Spratt

My Work Life and Journey

I've had a zig zaggy career and life.

I grappled with the acting profession, my only and biggest dream since I was a little girl, only to give it up after a breakdown in my mid twenties some 20 years ago when I was diagnosed as bipolar with complex PTSD as a result of a chaotic, abusive childhood. 


At this point, my whole point of focus changed. I'd adored performance, but I no longer felt resilient enough to work in that profession.


So I worked as a temp and began to re-train and explore what resonated with me. I took over a small charity in Harlesden and ran a children’s charity to help  parents to connect and bond with their newborn babies through movement and music. 

I also worked in a variety of schools in London as a therapeutic movement practitioner, supporting children with their emotional needs and challenges.  I was also a group movement practitioner working with elders in residential homes, helping them to move their bodies, decrease stress, tackle loneliness and improve their mood by encouraging them to get their groove on. They taught me a lot about joy and gratitude and ageing. 

All of the work was rich and fascinating, but I was barely scraping by in paying my bills. My temp work, the side hustle job that had kept going had become increasingly unreliable as the recession hit London pretty hard and I found myself forced to face reality as it was and to pivot yet again.

I have spent the last 10 years both working in the office as building manager, receptionist or reception manager, whilst exploring my creativity (writing and performing) and training in a variety of somatic and energy modalities in my spare time. 


I ended up here, in this place, in part because I knew life had to change:- I'd reached 49 and was frustrated with my own life. I'd been made redundant in the middle of the pandemic and my mother had passed away in September, leaving me parentless and grieving, but also hungry to create a more meaningful life and to develop work that would truly light me up inside. 

I am now returning to the corporate world again - using my interpersonal skills in a different setting and way, as I have always done so successfully.

But I am also here, like many women, holding many different projects and wearing multiple hats, creating a small haven from the world, to help women to tap into their imagination, their body, emotions and sensations, to help heal, refuel, reflect and thrive. 


Let's Get Personal

I came to the world of personal development and therapy primarily  because I struggled with my own ability to regulate my nervous system. In fact I came to this work after many decades grappling with depression, anxiety and low self esteem, battered by life, poor decisions and some dollops of life traumas. It took the pandemic and a nice redundancy package as well the gruelling experience of my mother passing to take breathing space to think again about what my next move might be. I knew, honestly, that if my life didn't change, life didn't feel worth living as it was. 


After two decades of training and experiencing life as a client, I do not believe in cookie cutter approach to our health and well being. I believe that journalling, laughter, time with friends, a healthy partnership, with a loved one can help us as match as this rich, embodiment work.


I also believe whole heartedly in the power of this work to help amp up your intuition, your clarity of thought, your dreams and the path ahead. 

I am passionate about helping women hear your own needs, desires, intuition and feelings and to tap into the joys, wisdom and creations that lives inside of each and every one of you.   

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