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Movement into Life offer classes and workshops that are nothing to do with how bendy your body is (either bendy or not is fine by me).


Our classes are a deep seat dive into the possibilities of you. They are designed to help regulate the nervous system, unwind trauma, unfreeze the body and bring more aliveness, self trust and possibility to your world…So that you can be both more creative, compassionate & in touch with yourself.


Whilst results vary, people commonly find they experience greater levels of self trust, love, pleasure & agency - it will shore up your boundaries & enable you to receive more from yourself as well as the world around you. It also makes for a beautiful companion to any other practices you may use - from meditation, energy work, Five Rhythms, talking therapies, acting class or Biodanza. 

Weekly Movement Envisioning class on Zoom

Wednesday’s, 7 - 8.15pm UK time. 


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Movement Envisioning Practice


Movement Envisioning work is informed by 23 years of practices and exploration as a somatic investigator – as opposed to an academic or a psychiatric clinician. As a hyper sensitive person with developmental trauma I’ve explored a great deal in order to better understand what works and conversely what doesn’t or has far limited success.


As a result I don’t believe one method suits all, or that one approach is the whole answer to our challenges.

Movement Envisioning is a somatic release modality which draws upon Non Linear Movement Method and fuses it with the principles and wisdom gained through life and a rich body of creative and therapeutic trainings. NLMM in particular utilizes principles of trauma therapy, polyvagal theory and movement for nervous system regulation.

Payment info here.

£20 per class 

£90 for 5 classes

Movement Envisioning classes are a fusion of tools and techniques drawn from over 20 years of trainings and experience as both a creative, an energy practitioner, group facilitator and client and student of life!

I have fused all my experiences and insights gleaned from acting training, dance movement therapy, energy work (Body Talk) and more to create my own distinctive approach to movement and feeling work which is designed to tap into the internal reality of body, mind and soul.

I am heavily influenced also by recent training with Michaela Boehm in Non-Linear Movement Method, a powerful somatic to help smooth the nervous system, identify and process emotions, awaken pleasure and sensation, release patterns of trauma gently into flow, unite body and mind, access the innate wisdom of the body and helps to increase sensitivity to one’s body, sensations, memory...

I personally believe these classes are a fantastic way of:

  • Tracking how your feeling

  • Noticing and releasing patterns

  • Unraveling knots of tension (physical, mental and emotional)

  • Releasing stuck energy and emotion

  • Awakening yourself to more pleasure

  • Getting clear on what you desire

  • Releasing inertia or helplessness

  • Increasing receptivity to your inner world

  • Regulating your nervous system

  • Expanding your capacity to experience self love

  • Experiencing yourself as more wild, intuitive, free

Here you can find some commonly asked questions about Movement Envisioning Classes.

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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

One to One Sessions


Please contact me via the contact form or to discuss one to one work.


£250 per session.


For anyone who wants to unwind from stress and reconnect with their internal world of thoughts, feelings and sensations through gentle, non-invasive movement work.

​Especially good for…


Women focusing on reclaiming your desires as a woman, working through your ‘’good girl’’ conditioning - co-dependency, people pleasing, fear of doing life alone, needing to be validated by others, or rescue others regardless of your own needs. 

And of course men also who are working through their  own people pleasing tendencies. 

We may draw upon any number of tools; from Movement Envisioning sessions on Zoom or face to face in London (extra charge for sessions outside of London or UK). Work can also include one to one energy work, email follow up support for 10 days, Tarot/intuitive guidance & Soul Plan Profile guidance if needed.  Inner child work. Creative play sessions & homework. 

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