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Radiant Spotlight Sessions for Gloriously Neurodivergent 50+ Female Entrepeneurs.
Activate and Upgrade to your Deepest Vision
& Potential on Camera
Package of 6 or 12 sessions.


I help....

Brilliant neurodivergent female entrepreneurs and founders in their over 50s....

Who are navigating life’s many changes and are looking to experience more joyful, meaningful and creative lives and show up on video for their clients in all of their radiant glory.

Yes, this may also be the hot, sweaty mess of your glorious midlife transitions.

But this also sit right alongside an awareness that you can do life differently now,   on your terms and this includes how to communicate with your ideal clients.

  • No more doing what you’re told that doesn’t suit your needs.

  • No more inauthentic, performative, robotic communication on camera. 

Your ideal audience have been waiting for YOU with all that is rich and complex about you to make yourself known to them. 

Sessions for you to explore how to honour your needs whilst showing up for your audience. 

I am here to amplify, encourage and celebrate the best version of you on video. 


Please note I do not come with any expertise in marketing. I just know what it is to SHINE and take up more space as a formerly squashed self can testify. 

This is For You If...

  • You’re tired of cookie cutter approaches to your business.

  • You know, whether you identify as neurodivergent or not, that your brain is wired different and you want that celebrated, not dismissed. 

  • If you’re YouTube channel only has 1 or 2 videos on it for the last 5 years and that's making you frustrated with yourself. 

  • If you know in your heart of heart's this is your time to shine.

  • If you want a safe space and help to clear out the internal obstacles that have been swallowed whole from others opinions and thoughts, advice and needs…cos that’s left you lost, overwhelmed and underwhelmed…

  • If you understand that coaching offers you the safe container and encouragement you need to show up fully for your desires and intuition and deepen your impact in the world.

How do I book a free, no obligation,

discovery call with you?

  1. Email me via to discuss.

  2.  Go straight to calendly to book your discovery call. Copy and paste the link:-

Deescalate + Destress + Recalibrate.
Movement Work to Support Mind, Body and Spirit. 
  • Stress and emotional regulation body-based technique to help balance the nervous system.
  • For women aged 50 and above.
  • Weekly classes held on Zoom.
         Helps With...
  • Sensory Overload. Scattered Thinking. Disconnection from Body. Stuck Emotion.
  • Decision Paralysis. Weak personal Boundaries. 
  • Burn out. Difficulty Sleeping. Struggle with Self Care. 
  • Disconnect from your Intuition and Wisdom.  
  • Helps regulate the nervous system and deepen your connection with your intuition,   your body based boundaries and self and increase your sensitivity towards your internal reality of thought, feeling and sensation.
  • One to one sessions custom made for you are available. Please email to discuss. 
  • Classes are temporarily on hold. Please email to join the waitlist. 

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