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Free Future Visioning Playshop on Sunday 8th January 2023

I'll be offering up a free workshop/playshop participants this Sunday evening on Zoom:-

To reflect on the wins

The insights

The unfinished business

The StillInProgress or Process

The losses

The let downs

The joys

The best moments

The uncelebrated wins

The wisdom gained

The lessons learned

The Never Agains Thanks

The firsts

The good times

The memories made

The miracles

The ''I Still Want This'' and Why....

And, to look at who or WHAT WE DESIRE MORE OF

The small habit changes:- The practical, the small steps, the big gains over time.

The heartfelt wishes that live in the feelings and senses and not the pragmatic just yet.

The mystical, the miraculous, the unknown, the possibilities, the intuitive, the uncertain but felt.

The concrete, the measurable, the necessary, the seen and the known.

Yup. And gratitude of course in who we are and where we've been and the simplicity and miracle of life, period - whether we feel we've failed, or lost out, or won, or are winning. All that as well.

Free gathering on Zoom this Sunday at 7.30pm. Doodle, write, dance, journal.

Shout me if you want to come join.

Weekly classes during the week are no longer running and shall be moved to the weekends, please message me via for updates.

Leila x

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