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''Unusual'' Techniques used for my Movement Envisioning classes

Updated: Feb 15

Hi folks,

Here is a 15 minute video describing some of the less commonly used & known techniques that are employed in my Movement Envisioning class. I draw heavily from my training with Michaela Boehm and Steve James and the Non Linear Movement Method as taught by them.

But I am also informed by all of the rich learnings that derive from my life experiences as someone with complex PTSD and other delightful psychiatric labels, alongside the challenges of my childhood.

My approach is also coloured by personal experience - finding out what works for me (and conversely what doesn't). Consequently this work includes a fusion of the creative and bodywork practices I have experimented with over 3 decades.

Please note this is in no way a substitute for therapy, or a medication.

If you are neuordiverse, or are simply feeling especially agitated or rushed for time today, feel free to speed the video up by going to Settings on YouTube and Playback Speed and adjusting there.

Testimonials largely live on my instagram page: @movementthrough and I will update here in due course. Any questions, feel free to reach out. My FAQ page is especially useful also.

To discuss one to one work or if you have any further questions, please email me via

To explore my offerings, prices and times pop on here.

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